Branding Agency & Strategy Consulting.

Fibonacci Consulting Group (F2) is a global management consulting group, a subsidiary of SAGI&Co Firm, (one of the world’s leading design strategy firms, often considered as the prestigious brand builders) to enable companies to expand to new markets and to have digital transformation breakthroughs to scale their business to new levels.

If you’re looking for the top branding agency in Israel or business strategy agency based in Tel-Aviv, you found your team.
We lead some of the world’s greatest brand and companies to success, from IPO, to Exit strategy, and massive increase in sales.


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About F2 Group

Fibonacci Consulting Group (F2) Lead its Partnerships in Corporate Business and Strategy Tactics on their most important steps for growth.

We aim to enable businesses to embark on innovation and new vision journey. F2 was established on top of 21 years of corporate development.
From inceptions to brand architecture to Exists in over $1.6B USD.