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Dominate the video arena through innovation

Artimedia was established to help optimize websites and advertisers ROI for digital media by providing top-notch video ad solutions in the form of media content or smart draped themes. Despite the vast experience gained from leading media companies to obtain a premium level service, the website’s previous positioning and branding was quite far from expressing Artimedia’s true abilities.


Illustrating ideas & technology is far more appealing
than having users picture it in their minds.

We figured that for services combining smart content and verity of engagement channels, telling the story is simply not enough. A straightforward solution that wraps both answers precisely was the way to go. The enhanced website introduced Artimedia’s impressive technology, as well as actual footages of how can such solutions are integrated into different platforms and devices.


Heading for the top!

Taking the time to identify a given discipline particular needs was definitely worthwhile as Artimedia has been able to reach strategic partners and become a leading platform in the business of video media content.

Project Details

Client: Arti-media

Date: July 6, 2016

Online: www.arti-media.net

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