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A sensible experience can make a huge difference between secretly reaching the market and making the world know you’re here
BlogsRelease is designated to fill in the gap between brands and influencers by introducing a smart platform that serves different stakeholders. It is BlogsRelease belief that partnerships between brands and influencers are wonderful opportunities to promote products in an organic way.


It’s all about giving the right sense of the product in a way that would project-out the relevant features & attributes
Feeling that familiar bloggers interfaces are lacking and insufficient in terms of successfully telling the product’s story, a revised and more graphical approach was required.


An impressive increase in brands and influencers partnerships worldwide
Many who have used the new platform have presented tremendous results. Taking advantage of the innovated method and style has set new standards in the evolving relations between brands and influencers.

Project Details

Client: BlogsRelease

Date: December 7, 2015

Online: www.blogsrelease.com/

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