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Finding the yellow brick road of maximizing the digital business model.
Kanbonim is Israel’s no.1 company for new real-estate platform. While they’re real-estate services were nothing less than outstanding, the challenge of introducing some of their ideas remained unaddressed. Staying at the top of the real-estate portals chart is not easy, let alone being competent of generating the appropriate level of revenue from such an impressive position.


Separating the wheat from the chaff
Reconstructing the website, fading-out highly detailed graphical interface and fading-in relevant ‘items’ was necessary. A brand new real – estate portal has been introduced. The new platform was tailor made to encourage publicized projects upgrades by entrepreneurs.


Motivating users in desired directions
This entire bag of goods was wrapped in top- of –the- line UI&UX, design and branding, which also gave this outstanding platform a winning look and appeal. Improved retention, complementary services and magnificent conversion rates have untimely increased Kanbonim’s growth and annual turnover.

Project Details

Client: Kan Bonim

Date: September 6, 2016

Online: kanbonim.mako.co.il/

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