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The correct path to obtain respectable market share
The story of XBLADE is sometimes referred to as “The Netflix of shaving”. Despite the existence of well-established monopolies dominating the arena such as Gillette, Xblade have taken a leap leaning on a relatively small budget.


Smart campaign, awesome user experience!
In terms of constructing the right platform, the objective was to provide a simple, yet intelligent subscribing flow that introduces exclusive offers and obtains terrific user conversion rates.

In addition, we’ve kicked-off a new Facebook campaign that grants scholarships for those who would be willing to share they’re funny story. This campaign alone practically drove itself viral among users who participated.


x4 increase in products sales!
What started as a well segmented, small budget campaign has evolved to a large-scale exposure that normally would only be possible with much greater expenses, growth or large number of sales. To add a cherry on top, this was done over a platform that can be rendered into serving multiple product types.

Project Details

Client: XBLADE אקסבלייד

Date: October 6, 2016

Online: www.xblade.co.il

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