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Sensing the atmosphere through the screen
Ynon Digital offers convenient ways to integrate music and video in business places. In times where media content is becoming more and more accessible, aspiring for a suitable interface has grown respectively.


Gain that emotional bond with customers
Our work began by breaking down the subscription flow and re-building it with a clear focus on generating the right user experience to help ‘seal the deal’. Integrated with genuine album images, convenient browsing options and slick website design, Ynon Digital has been able to automate one of its main revenue channels.


Significant growth and automation of core business procedures
By freeing-up personnel from guiding customers through service applications, Ynon Digital has significantly increased the human resource efficiency. In addition, the enhanced brand have helped adding prestige and well known business places to their customer portfolio. Picking out your business soundtrack has never been such an enticing experience!

Project Details

Client: Ynon Digital ינון דיגיטל

Date: September 6, 2016

Online: www.ynondigital.co.il

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