Redefining design thinking.

At Sagi&Co, we believe that for an enterprise to benefit from the full potential of digital initiative, is we must first understand, that each business represents a different culture, landscape, vertical and its own unique ecosystem. From our senior partners to top advisors we know, that our customers are in fact trusting us to lead their digital transformation. And that trust is second to none.

In the core of our philosophy, is CheckMate©, a strategy & analysis product, which we’ve built on top of years of research and development, of synthesizing multiple insightful technological sources into a single actionable dashboard. 

Today, SAGI&Co keeps re-defining the roles, expanding its international outreach and delivering the CheckMate© standards and breakthrough performances across markets and industry’s. What really defines us at SAGI&Co is the holistic view on things. What we know, is that behind any world class digital experience lays a well thought strategy.

Design Meets Strategy.

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