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CheckMate® (SaaS) collects, aggregate and analyze multiple marketing channels into a single business intelligence tool. Use CheckMate® to optimise your business model and Go-To-Market strategy, ongoingly.


Branding Agency Strategic GTM 

Strategy as a product – A set of robust strategic and design thinking tools, aim to produce business transformation breakthroughs. As a result CheckMate® was developed by SAGI&co, a multinational design and consultancy firm, Owner of SAGI Digital Partner branding agency. CheckMate® was built on top of years of research and development, analyzing and synthesizing multiple insightful technological sources into a single actionable dashboard.

Branding Strategy Deliverables  

A data driven actionable game plan to win over your competitors

Go-to market plan to increase sales, growth and fuel innovation

New business model to take your business to the next level

Your Strategy. Remastered.

Use CheckMate moves and tactics to fuel a whole new level of growth

Gathering intelligence,

Firstly, user interface research along with technology research will give you a better understanding on what is preventing your users to buy from you

The golden circle, branding  Mastery

Clarity is Power. It is mind boggling how much a good core story that is align with the business vision has great impact on the business results

Get strong insights, and then move fast.

secondly, get Market Intelligence Insights to Understand Your Competitors Strategy – And Win

Discover new opportunities, Market research

Create leverage using smart content to get earn media using influencers and more

Dominate and innovate,

Get new innovation ideas for new digital products and services or even new business models or markets you can dominate

Make your brand the leader of your market

Companies can spend millions on branding but only emotional branding will have the greatest effect of all