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A visionary artist whose journey has been shaped by a quest for knowledge and understanding one's emotions.

The art exudes an aura of mystery, as the dark black canvas serves as a backdrop for the story to be unfold. Sagi’s meticulous attention to detail brings the figure to life, capturing every nuance and expression. These pieces reveal a lifetime of experiences, struggles, and triumphs, reflecting the depths of life.  


A discovery in his life led to a wonderful connection between all elements of his life: Business, work, life and love.

Dark matter

Inspired to make the most emotional expression with the  most minimalistic style as possible. 

Where art sparks life again, that's when you can feel the soul.


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Exhibition: 01.12.22 - 01.01.23

1400°C. Metamorphosis in Clay, Sculpting Emotions

Julia Clark

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