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Twitter vs Threads

Why I think Threads is a great chess move by Meta and why you should be on it too?

Twitter is now vulnerable.
Elon Musk made some changes that he thought he had the time to and that the users will be patient.
But, Meta was just waiting for that moment, and couldn’t have better timing to attack the blue bird.

Now, the game is on and we have a role playing game on our hands.
First, Google became the internet itself.
Then, Facebook became Google.
Then Instagram became TikTok, before it was (Snap).
And in all of this chaos, Twitter remained safe, until Threads came along.

So Zucks and Musk might settle it all in a UFC fight which they both now practice MMA & BJJ for.
But for us users it’s not an “OR” game, it’s an “AND” game.
It’s another platform that is here to stay and we have to adapt to the change.
We have to win it all. All platforms are good platforms.
So don’t think too much. Go for it. Get in the Thread game, and start learning the new platform.

And you know whose turn it is next?… Linkedin.

Follow for more on Threads: https://www.threads.net/@sagyaron

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