Position the brand as a leader and pioneer of innovation in the Autonomous driving industry.


Developing an Impactful Brand Strategy directed both for B2B and to B2C segments globally.

For drivers (B2C) we compelling offer that conveys the ease and safety of using Mobileye’s systems. For fleet managers (B2B), we adopted a data-driven approach, highlighting the economic benefits, such as insurance savings. 

Moreover, we launch a new corporate website that not only showcased Mobileye’s innovation but also its economic advantages, thereby appealing to a broad range of stakeholders.


A $18Billion valuation IPO (NASDAQ: MBLY).

Our team at Sagi&Co. Inc. successfully delivered a transformative brand strategy and marketing campaigns globally and a launch of Mobileye new website, and IPO book preparation. 

"Modern Driving Needs Modern Technology"

"Modern Driving Needs Modern Technology"

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