Position the brand as a leader of innovation in the industry.

In response to the dynamic shifts in their industry landscape and a desire to connect more effectively with a younger audience, our client recognized the imperative for a comprehensive brand refresh.

Driven by a commitment to remaining current, aligning with contemporary values, and resonating authentically with a dynamic audience, the refresh encompassed a holistic approach — from visual aesthetics and messaging to a profound reimagining of the overall brand experience.


Developing an Impactful Brand Strategy with a B2B to B2C Pivot

The primary objective was to develop a cohesive and impactful marketing strategy that would resonate with N-trig’s target audience, including tech enthusiasts, industry leaders, and potential partners. This involved pivoting from a B2B focus to a B2C approach, creating a comprehensive brand identity, designing a visually appealing and user-friendly website, and crafting engaging content that effectively showcased N-trig’s cutting-edge products and solutions. 


Transformative Branding and a $200 Million Acquisition by Microsoft

Our team at Sagi&Co. Inc. successfully delivered a transformative branding and marketing campaign for N-trig. We revamped their brand identity, ensuring it accurately reflected their innovative spirit and technological prowess. The new website we designed not only looked stunning but also provided an intuitive user experience, significantly enhancing user engagement. Our targeted content strategy helped elevate N-trig’s market presence, resulting in increased brand recognition and interest from potential partners and customers. This culminated in Microsoft acquiring N-trig for $200 million, solidifying their position as a leader in pen and touch technology and validating the effectiveness of our strategic approach.

A $200 Million brand Strategy

A $200 Million brand Strategy

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